WE ARE DIFFERÄNCE intercultural

Our purpose

Through the development of cultural intelligence, we awaken curiosity, promote the integration of differences, and bring out the richness of diversity.


What is Differänce?

Differänce is a cultural intelligence development company.

What defines us?

We seek to enable the multicultural and international experience making the adaptation and integration process faster, more productive and more effective.

How we think and work

Cultural diversity in organizations is a great source of synergy, but it can also pose risks in terms of attitudes and behaviors. We minimize misunderstandings and motivate curiosity about differences.

We develop cultural intelligence

Cultural Intelligence, sometimes referred to as CQ or Cultural Coefficient, refers to the ability to relate and work in culturally diverse situations. It goes beyond awareness of prejudices and the need for cultural sensitivity and focuses on developing essential skill sets that help individuals achieve goals through effective work in a variety of culturally diverse contexts.
(Forbes, July 2020)


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