Lectures on adaptation processes, cultural intelligence, cultural mentalities, cultural differences, diversity, equity & inclusion and more.

Highly interactive, thought-provoking speeches. Always using culture as the starting point of our analysis, we provoke our audience to reflect on behavioral patterns that may affect a company’s performance on an international scale. We also talk about prejudice, unconscious biases, social justice and equity. For us, everything is culture, and we believe it's through cultural reflection and self-awareness that we are able to promote the changes we want to make!

Brazilian cultural mindset

Through the methodology 'how history builds values' - we analyze patterns of behavior in Brazilian culture that both benefit and hinder us in our professional performance and internationalization in Brazil.

Suggested time : 2-4 hours

Culture shock and adaptation

In this talk, we show statistics on the expatriation process and psychological aspects inherent to cultural adaptation. We provide suggestions for how companies can best support their expatriates both on assignment and upon return.

Suggested time : 2-4 hours

Getting to know Brazil, your destination country

We cover historical, socio-economic, political, cultural aspects about Brazil. We’ll go over questions regarding security, daily life, bureaucracy, education, communication, cuisine, general culture, and tourism.

Suggested time : 2-4 hours

Doing business globally

In this presentation, we’ll discuss different negotiation strategies and business tips in different cultures.

Suggested time : 2-4 hours

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We discuss the difficulties humans face when dealing with difference, and present introductory concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion. We analyze the best industry practices and will examine the topic within the Brazilian context.


18 de January de 2021

Cultural Adaptation for Expats: A flight in constant turbulence

18 de January de 2021

Why it’s Helpful to be an Adult TCK in the Covid-19 Pandemic

18 de January de 2021

Recreating ‘Home’ for the Holidays: Celebrating Traditions while Acknowledging Migratory Grief

13 de January de 2021

How important is it to have people in our lives? Asking for help while adapting to a new culture.

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