Cultural activities

Intercultural experiences that bring expatriates closer to their new culture

We believe that deep integration only happens through high familiarity with the local culture. Cultural activities are fundamental in the process of motivating integration, serving not only to build positive memories for participants, but also as a bridge between the previous reality they brought with them and the present-day reality they will experience in the new culture / environment.

Customized tourism

What are the best ways to travel around Brazil? How do you choose the best and safest destinations? The Cultural Tourism service provides customized travel recommendations for expatriates according to their main interests. We also introduce expatriates to Brazilian holidays and festivals, suggesting the most suitable destinations to take advantage of during their time off.

Cultural tours

Through a wide selection of destinations, the expatriate selects which tour will further introduce them to Brazilian culture. Tour activities are customized, taking into account each family’s preferences. From visiting museums, to watching football/soccer matches, visits to the city center, walks with a specific theme or even a day trip to the beach.


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