Differänce Academy

In our Academy for developing cultural intelligence you can access the most diverse courses in the area. These courses are virtual and you can choose the modules that make the most sense for your needs!

Curso Online

Developing cultural intelligence & global mindsets: Fundamentals of Interculturalism


5, 12, 19 e 26 de Maio


18h30 - 21h30


4 módulos online de 3h cada


12 horas

Our solutions

Training for expatriates and their families, multicultural teams, monocultural teams which interact globally, global leaderships and professionals exposed to globalization.

Lectures on adaptation processes, cultural mentalities, cultural differences, diversity & inclusion and more.

Preparation of specialized cultural content for companies and organizations​

Intercultural experience on the spot


18 de January de 2021

Cultural Adaptation for Expats: A flight in constant turbulence

18 de January de 2021

Why it’s Helpful to be an Adult TCK in the Covid-19 Pandemic

18 de January de 2021

Recreating ‘Home’ for the Holidays: Celebrating Traditions while Acknowledging Migratory Grief

13 de January de 2021

How important is it to have people in our lives? Asking for help while adapting to a new culture.