Mariana Barros is an interculturalist with a MA in International Relations from the Program San Tiago Dantas (PUC/SP, UNESP, and UNICAMP) and has a Bachelor degree in International Relations from PUC/SP. Mariana lived, worked, and studied in France (1997-1998), in the US (2001), in Equatorial Guinea (2009) and in Thailand (2016). Founder of Differänce Intercultural, she was the president of SIETAR Brazil ( and has 18 years of experience in intercultural communication and assistance to expatriates.

Fluent in Portuguese, English and French, Mariana Barros was the first ambassador of the virtual platform for expats: InterNations ( She is an active lecturer at major universities and institutions. As the director of Differänce consultancy, Mariana has extensive experience as a trainer and consultant in communication, negotiation, and business management in Brazil and abroad. In addition, she organizes workshops and lectures on Brazilian’s cultural mindset, interculturality and intercultural communication.

She works with large Brazilian companies – such as Banco do Brasil, Braskem, BRF, and Vale – that are in the process of internationalization. Mariana also assists foreign multi-national corporations such as: BUNGE, Deloitte, Samsung, and Whirlpool, in their processes of integration into the Brazilian market.

For three years, she managed intercultural trainings for immigrants and refugees that arrived in Brazil, a project that SIETAR Brasil hosted in partnership with MISSÃO PAZ. In 2017, more than 2,000 people benefited from the trainings. In 2016, she was a speaker at the TEDx in São Paulo, “Women who inspire,” and presented a talk titled: “Learning to deal with differences.”Over the years, Mariana has established a network of partnerships with intercultural consultants with extensive international experience, who work in Brazil and abroad, and who assist with programing and and client services.


  • Founder has 18 years of experience in the field
  • Innovative methodology
  • All trainings and workshops are delivered by the consultancy’s founder
  • All trainings and workshops include an expert cultural consultant on the culture to be addressed
  • Provider of the most important Brazilian companies that are in the process of internationalization
  • Provider of multinationals from many different countries.
  • The founder is certificated as an intercultural trainer by completing courses taught by Dr. Milton J. Bennett
  • Was the founding member and president of SIETAR Brazil
  • Worked as a dedicated volunteer in the third sector with refugees and immigrants.