“Mariana Barros brings in her speeches a deep and creative interpretation of how Brazilian values have been built throughout the country history. The awareness regarding our cultural identity allows a wider understanding about the country development and provides us a new look related to our challenges as citizens. An essential speech for those who, independent of political stance or nationality, intend to better understand our country.”

Olavo Setubal – ITAU

“On first impression of the brazilians, their sympathetic way calls our attention. The challenge is when a bigger integration with the country is needed because we are able to see how diverse is its population, not only because of a continental dimension but also because of its formation peculiarities. Watching Mariana Barros provided an understanding about brazilian culture’s subtleties, and made me look at the country in a deeper and more significant way. I am now more empathetic to the richness of diversity in this paradoxical and complex country that brought many wonderful meanings to my life.”

Alexandra Loras, ex- consul of France in São Paulo

“I interacted with Mariana during a cultural awareness program where she introduced me to various aspects of Brazilian and Latin American culture and people. She is a very knowledgeable and pleasant person to interact with. Her cultural course can speed up the learning curve for expatriates”

Gopi Agarwal - Member of the Executive Board of Directors and Chief Financial Officer at Makro South America

“Mariana is proud to be a brazilian. It´s a sine qua non condition for her to practice her profession as an interculturalist. She has a balanced conviction, and the necessary strength to give confidence and help to brazilians that travel abroad and to foreigners that come to Brazil.”

Alfredo Behrens - Lecturer, Harvard Business Publishing

“The word is on the street is that Brazil is shaping the future. Mariana is the answer to your need to know about the cultural values and behaviors that drive this energetic society. Visit her multilingual website. Consider her services if you are going to be working there or with colleagues located there.”

George Simons Creator and Editor of diversophy®. Consulting, training in IC communication & negotiation


Mariana Barros is an interculturalist with an MA in International Relations from the Program San Tiago Dantas (PUC/SP, UNESP, and UNICAMP) and has a Bachelor degree in International Relations from PUC/SP. Mariana lived, worked, and studied in France (1997-1998),in the US (2001), in Equatorial Guinea (2009) and in Thailand(2016). Founder of Differänce Intercultural, she was the CEO of Sietar Brazil ( and has 20 years of experience in intercultural communication and assistance to expatriates.



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Founder has 18 years of experience in the field

Innovating methodology

All trainings and workshops are delivered by the consultancy founder

All training and workshops have the participation of an expert cultural consultant on the culture to be addressed.

Provider of the most important Brazilian companies that are in process of internationalization.

Provider of multinationals from many different nationalities.

The founder is certificated as an intercultural trainer by courses of the professor Dr. Milton J. Bennett.

She had an important presence at SIETAR Brazil, as a founder member until organization presidency.

She also had an important presence on the third sector with important dedication to volunteer work with refugees and immigrants.