Managing differences through interculturalism

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Différance is a concept formulated  by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida (1930 – 2004).

The word written with an “a” does not exist in any language. It is a word without any linguistic background.

However, it carries the idea of difference in : diferença (Portuguese), difference (French), difference (English), diferencia (Spanish), differenza (Italian), differenz (German).

Derrida was concerned with the analysis of values that guide human actions in the most  diverse  cultures within different times and contexts. Values are constructions directly related to the culture to which they belong and by which they where built. Values are also the main cause of conflicts between different cultures.

Différance would be the moment in which the values have not yet been assimilated, a welcoming place and harmonious relationship between the differences:

“Différance is the systemic play of differences, of the traces of differences, of the spacing by means of which elements are related to each other” (Derrida, 1982)

Our company has been named DIFFERÄNCE because it is a place to welcome and assist expatriates – those who are culturally different from us and with whom we will be interacting.

Cultural differences are the major setbacks faced in expatriate assignments.

The ability to deal  with differences is what makes the DIFFERENCE to the international man or woman.